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Rowing Machine By Spirit USA CRW800


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Aluminum rowing rail,

Adjustable Console view angle,

Brand Spirit USA

Type : Cardio Equipment Exercise Rowing machine Commercial

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In stock

Brand Spirit USA

Type : Cardio Equipment Exercise Rowing machine Commercial

Are you looking for a great combination of air & magnetic rowing machine?

One that has the commercial-grade quality and an excellent warranty?

Plus, an advanced monitor with built-in controls on the handle!

Well, look no further than the Spirit CRW800 Rower.

This excellent combination rowing machine will not let you down and provides all the features to perform a killer workout and have you blasting away fat in no time!

Rowing is proven to be an excellent low-impact workout that can burn more calories than any other piece of exercise equipment. However, choosing the right model can be quite difficult.

Check out all the pros and cons of the Spirit Fitness Rower to see if this model is the right fit for you. If not, I provide a few other great options in my final review section.

The Spirit CRW800 Rower is a combination of air & magnetic resistance rowing machine.

Meaning, you get the best of both worlds! Let me explain how.

Air resistance operates by first performing a rowing stroke, which spins a fan attached to the handle. As the fan spins faster, it must displace more air, thus creating more resistance.

We call this “variable” resistance because the faster you row, the more resistance you create!

Magnetic resistance works a bit differently. First, you set the resistance level, which determines how close a magnet is to the flywheel (which is lined with metal). The magnet reacts with the metal on the flywheel to create the resistance.

When you increase the resistance, you move the magnet closer to the flywheel and create stronger resistance. This is why we call it “adjustable” resistance.

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